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So, how did you do?


  1. In which year was the city named “Detroit” founded?
    1. 1842
    2. 1701
    3. 1676
    4. 1923
  2. What’s something else famous that happened in the same year Detroit was founded?
    1. William Shakespeare ran previews for his new show,
    2. Behemoth Seamus, the historical figure Big Sean takes his name after, defeats Julius Caesar in a round of fencing.
    3. Yale College, the precursor to Yale University, was founded.
    4. Alexander Hamilton was born.
  3. In what language is Detroit’s motto? “Speramus meliora; resurget cineribus.”
    1. Latin
    2. Spanish
    3. French
    4. Greek
  4. What historic event does the motto reference?
    1. The creation of the wheel.
    2. The birth of Sean Michael Leonard Anderson.
    3. The writing of the Constitution.
    4. A terrible fire that swept the city.
  5. What body of water separates Detroit and Windsor?
    1. Lake Superior
    2. Straits of Mackinac
    3. Detroit River
    4. Lake Detroit
  6. What critical role in history did the Detroit River play?
    1. Served as the Doorway to Freedom, the last stop in the Underground Railroad.
    2. Scientists used the polluted water to make a new chemical that created a species of super-humans.
    3. The invention of salt water taffy, despite its name, was actually created from the concentrated salt in our river.
    4. The first snow cones were invented from the ice off the frozen river.
  7. Which is a real museum in the city of Detroit?
    1. Big Sean Memorabilia Establishment
    2. Motown Museum
    3. Baseball Hall of Fame
    4. Toys “R” Us Memorial Institution
  8. How did Detroit get the nickname Motown?
    1. French colonists kept expanding city limits, saying we want “More town!” It was eventually shortened to Motown.
    2. Dairy farmers, being the majority population at one point, called the city Mootown colloquially before it, too, was shortened.
    3. In reference to Detroit’s rich dance history, this is a shortened version of its real nickname, Move Town.
    4. African-American songwriter Berry Gordy named his new company and label, “Motown,” as a tribute to the warm, soulful language he grew up around.
  9. What is the first name of _____ Ford, founder of an American auto company?
    1. Barnabas
    2. Henry
    3. Francis
    4. James
  10. What are the three largest companies after which Detroit got its Motor City nickname?
    1. General Motors, Ford, Chrysler
    2. General Motors, Ford, Hyundai
    3. Honda, Ford, Chrysler
    4. General Motors, Toyota, Chrysler